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Full Version: [Suggestion] Systematize the Official Model forum
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In order to have a well order in this forum, I propose the following: divide in themes sub-forums, inside of each of them in sub-themes sub-forums and (finaly) on each sub-forum by year.

  • Lego Space
             -Space Police
  • etc

Important thread keeps for discussion such as: which year go these set, which theme (or sub-theme) correspond the set, etc

I hope this can be doable.

Any opinion are welcome.
Yes, I agree, as this forum is also for submission into OMR.
(2022-08-06, 15:10)Takeshi Takahashi Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, I agree, as this forum is also for submission into OMR.

Thank you for your opinión. I hope most of you (if not all the comunity) have the same opinion.
The forum were only ever intended as a stop gap to establishing a better system. Since said better system has been long, long delayed, I support whatever organization the community comes up with.
Biggest challenge I think will be deciding the correct hierarchy of themes/sub-themes. In many cases it might be enough to go by simply theme and year (at least up through the “classic” era).