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Full Version: Sticker 192685i for 1581-1
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Can someone help me with Sticker 192685i for 1581-1 (Silja Lines Ferry)
Unfortunately I dont have Set or Sticker (both quite rare), but the Logo exists as SVG:
For the general size, there is a Bricklink-Seller who sells the nearly empty sheet, shall we ask there how big this sticker is?
For the digital version, maxbe we should check if the other Ferries (1580-2, 1554-1) with a very similar sticker actually have the same sticker...
The newest ferry 1998-1 has a similar sticker, but blue and separated.

looking at the picture from

The left end is not very clearly seen, but better in this image (second window)

the dimensions can be gatherd.

In the first picture 4 studs are 170 pixels
One brick height is 50 pixels.

Sticker is 370 pixels long (174 LDU)
Sticker height at the text is 56 pixels (~ 27 LDU) this extends for 256 pixels (122 LDU)
Raising from 56 Pixels to 109 pixels over a distance of 19 pixes (~9 LDU)
Sticker height at the Walrus is 109 pixels (~ 52,5 LDU)
Sticker hright of 109 extends 37 pixels (17,6 LDU) to the right
then dropping on the right corner to a height of 62 (~30 LDU)

That should be pretty much the dimensions, I have not found a better picture

There is a converter SvgToDat, but it does not like the Logo
Hello: I find this webpage https://www.brickstickershop.com/Lego-St...eplacement#
It have a réplica of what you are looking for.
Hope I help you.
(2022-07-02, 12:21)Rene Rechthaler Wrote: [ -> ]Can someone help me with Sticker 192685i for 1581-1 (Silja Lines Ferry)

I'm working on this one.
Now on the PT