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Full Version: Is there any way to quickly and perfectly build a circle in LDCAD
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I created a circle with' templates --rubber band 'and changed the name to 3024.dat, but the 3024 parts are interspersed

Quote:0 FILE main.ldr
0 Author: LDraw
1 179 60 -136 -120 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 rubberBandSquare-2.ldr
0 FILE rubberBandSquare-2.ldr
0 Author: LDCad
0 !CATEGORY technic
0 !KEYWORDS flexible, band
0 !LDCAD CONTENT [type=path] [addFallBack=default] [looped=true] [displayKind=mm] [curveStep=0] [displayLenCor=0]

0 !LDCAD PATH_POINT [type=circle] [posOri=0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1] [prevCPDist=25] [nextCPDist=25] [cirR=69.5] [cirDir=xyCW] [prevYRoll=0] [nextYRoll=0]

0 !LDCAD PATH_SKIN [donCol=16] [donOri=1 0 0 0 0 1 0 -1 0] [donPart=3024.dat] [donYSize=100%] [donCen=absCen] [donCenYOfs=0] [donFinScale=fitDon2Seg] [donPlace=refsStat] [donYAlign=0] [donInline=false] [segSize=100%] [segSizeTol=0] [segsCnt=0] [segsGrp=0] [segsMaxMerge=0] [segsMrgAng=0] [segsMrgRollAng=0] [segsEdgeDelKind=keepFirstLeft]

[Image: FADSHU6GVHH1JFN.jpg?auto=webp&frame=1&fi...ba28f3495f]
Im not quite sure what your question is but since this is technique is outside the "standard" connections. If you have a brick built circle like your picture then calculating the of each joint is a calculation away. 

Since we know that each brick will be the same angle relative to the one next to it, you can simply divide 360 by the number of bricks in the circle. 

I counted and each row of the picture you posted is 100 bricks thus making 360/100 = 3.6 degrees. 

Maybe someone more advanced with LDCad scripting could write a quick script to "build" a circle of "X" segments that is "Y" rows tall but it can also be done manually.

This is a quick screen shot of 8 segments in studio. I know that the same can be achieved in LDCad
[Image: H7Difqx.png]