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Full Version: Latest Ninjago dragon head and jaw parts
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I need some latest Ninjago dragon head and jaw parts pleaseee NO NEED PATTERN, MODEL ONLY IT'S OK

Golden Dragon Legacy set:
[Image: 40933pb01.png]
[Image: 40934pb01.png]
From Overlord Dragon set:
[Image: 72224pb02.png]
[Image: 72224pb01.png]
Lloyd's legendary dragon set:

[Image: 76923pb02.png]
[Image: 72362pb03.png]
Kai's dragon EVO set:
[Image: 72362pb04.png]
[Image: 80017.png]
Jay's dragon EVO set: 

[Image: 82276pb01.png]

[Image: 76923.png]
I know it's a lot but pleaseeee  Sad
I found the mesh for the top one. But not the other ones.
Added a quick port of the mesh on PT. Probably needs more work, but it's a start