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Full Version: Studs - with VS without
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I'm using ldr files in Three JS (LdrawLoader) and I would like to make model "lighter".

Plates with studs VS plates without studs (inside models/walls) - can I spare some memory this way? (maybe if i replace 100 plates) I'm not certain whether it is worth to spend time for replacing plates in models. 

(BTW: Is there a "replace" method/function in LDCad? Without it I will have to do it manually...)

I also tried to use bigger pannels instead of stacked bricks as walls.

Maybe there are another techniques?

(I heard about Ldraw Boxer (from sourceforge), but archive file contains only dat files, no exe program)
Have a look at this thread here:

Thanks, I look at similar threads, but not found anything to use with LdrawLoader. It's funny - I rebuilded models (same shape, but less bricks) and original ldr files are really smaller, but sometimes after packing (for LdrawLoader you have to "packed" ldr files) files are bigger than for models with bigger amount of bricks... I don't understand why, but this is a question for loader's developers.