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Full Version: Chris Dee, Long time Part Library Admin, is stepping down
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After careful consideration, Chris Dee has decided to step down as the LDraw.org Parts Library Administrator. Chris has been an invaluable asset to LDraw.org for 25+ years and his contributions to LDraw during his almost 20 year stint as the Parts Library Admin are numerous. He was directly responsible for the release of 35 parts updates (over 12000 new parts!), in 2008 oversaw the monumental undertaking of shifting the Parts Library licensing model, was a founding member id the LDraw.org Steering Committee, and served as the chair of the LDraw.org Standards Board. For all these efforts he was awarded the James Jessiman Memorial Award in 2017.

Orion Pobursky will be taking over his duties while a replacement Parts Admin is found. Any long time parts reviewers are invited to volunteer to fill this role. Chris will retain the ability to admin review parts on the Parts Tracker should he choose to do so.

Chris has been a good collaborator and a good friend. He presence here at LDraw.org will be sorely missed.

Sent of behalf of the LDraw.org Steering Committee

Note: Chris is still part of the forums. Well wishing or stories are highly encouraged.
Wow, 25 years of dedication to an Internet-based effort like this is itself extraordinary, and very much to be commended! And always responsive, courteous and professional in his role as Parts Admin. Thanks, Chris!
Congratulations Chris for all your hard work as part admin during all these years! I remember a few years ago when I started using LDraw, I was waiting after X-mas for the release of the new parts, I didn't realize at that time it was that manual work and that you had to spend so much time on it.

Also, I want to thank you as since I started to author parts, you have always been available and answered fast to all my requests.

Hope you plan to continue being among the community and good luck!
(2022-01-13, 18:30)Orion Pobursky Wrote: [ -> ]Well wishing or stories are highly encouraged.

I remember exactly the first time I got in touch with Chris. It's one of those old stories. One of those which usually start with "Unce upon a time..."

Once upon a time the community wasn't split into a billion newsgroups, LUGs and sites. We were all at Lugnet.com and there was no PT. People just posted their code and asked for comments. Chris was apparently in full swing making parts with the one and only pattern that was and still is worth authoring: THE CLASSIC SPACE LOGO.

Chris asked if the one he just authored was the last one missing in the series: https://news.lugnet.com/cad/dat/parts/?n=2311

It wasn't, but my English back then wasn't yet suitable for the forum (it still isn't but who cares) so I dropped him an email, telling that there actually was missing one. He promptly authored it and I even got credit: https://news.lugnet.com/cad/dat/parts/?n=2691

As you might know THE CLASSIC SPACE LOGO is a delicate thing and apparently I wasn't satisfied with his version Big Grin so I made a hires once my authoring skills as well as my English were fit for LDraw: https://news.lugnet.com/cad/dat/parts/?n=3983

But that's a totally different story.

Thanks for bearing with me Chris. For all the times I flooded you with PT requests - and I swear the date I put in the header is just for me. Seriously it's not testing how quick you reply but not getting lost of what has been done and what still needs to be.

Sorry to see you go.  Thank you for all of your work! 
Thanks for your overwhelmingly humongous contribution to LDraw Chris. 25 years is just mind boggling! It was great working with you getting files into the parts tracker.
I wish you all the best!

You've been an awesome person to work with all these years. I still remember the lucky coincidence that allowed us to meetup in Orlando all the way back in 2004. Thank you for all you have done. I hope to see you around from time to time here and I still want to meetup again with all this pandemic BS is behind us.

Also from me a big thank you for the work you have done. I've only been enjoying working with and for the ldraw.org community for a few years now, but if you've never created a part before, you have absolutely no idea how much work really goes into it. So I think a lot of people can't understand that a part isn't available right away and may even whine about it. For all these people I have absolutely no understanding.
Again Chris, thank you, and maybe it is still granted us to meet in real life.

All the best greetings from Austria
Much thanks to Chris! We'll keep in touch.
A big thank you for this effort. Always a thoughtful answer to our many questions regarding all possible issues and to keeping the library well standardized. I have enjoyed every exchange of thoughts.

Those who know me know that I think there are only 2 states, "right" or "wrong". "Good enough" does not exist. I've been called both Eagleeye and King of the Knitpickers. Imagine my embarrassment when, after a long time, I discover that I have misspelled Chris' name.
Chris never commented it.
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