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Full Version: Big fig parts request
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Hello, i would like to request some parts that i haven´t seen anywhere

77237pb01 (The new Thanos big fig body)
79435pb01 (The new Thanos big fig head)
65611 (Aquaman's harpoon hand from the DC CMF series)
28252 and 28251 (Bane's arms from the LEGO Batman Movie sets)

Any help would be very appreciated
(2021-10-19, 19:21)Karlo Wrote: [ -> ]65611 (Aquaman's harpoon hand from the DC CMF series)


(2021-10-20, 21:44)Gerald Lasser Wrote: [ -> ]The arms are at digital-bricks:


These are basically the same as official parts 10124 and 10154, but with a stud on the shoulder.

And many more of the bigfig bodies are available in LDD, but not the Thanos fig.
Many of the bodies have a common structure. Many have the same feet, e.g.