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Full Version: LEGO Classic Town
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Why do SR3DBuilder files have a nonstandard file extension? What about them isn't valid LDraw?

It does have a few more specific metacommands, but basically it's a standard LDraw file. I guess that the basic argument (that may be augued!) is that it automatically opens SR3D on Windows.
Code looks totally LDraw compatible, except the final lines are really not recommended but not illegal syntax:

0 WORLD -373.4269 330.9261 -734.7527 0.87113 2.680579E-05 -0.490886 -0.2892286 0.8079299 -0.513168 0.3966691 0.5890768 0.7038499
0 CENTRE 265 42 527
0 LOOKAT -473 54 0
0 ZOOM 68
0 ROTANGLE 5.770066

And, of course, the "0 Assembly (n)" lines should have some // to be fully compliant.

So, just rename to *.ldr and any LDraw viewer can display the scene.

LDView has no problems at all to show L3b-files directly. You only have to chance from ldraw-files to all files when opening those files.
More complicated is the matter with models with have beziers (like hose or belt) in it. These are only in SR 3D Builder visible. When openinig such models with LDView you will get error messages for each bezier.
Would you mind sending me a simple file with a bezier in it so that I can look at it to see if there's anything that could be easily done in LDView to show the curve?
Here it is. When you open it with SR 3D Builder you see a yellow tube connected on both sides to some parts...
Thanks. Based on the contents of the file, I doubt LDView will ever support SR3D splines. It could happen, but it's not likely. I think I'll ad *.l3b to the list of default file extensions in LDView's open dialog boxes, though.
The file 6372-Chair.ldr is missing. It is referenced by the following files:
6372 - Town House.mpd 6372-Minifig-1.ldr LineNumber: 17
6372 - Town House.mpd 6372-Minifig-2.ldr LineNumber: 17
3857h.dat is missing
unnamed.mpd SR.L3B LineNumber: 277
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