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Full Version: New 32 Bit stripped-down AIOI ready for testing
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upgrading the AIOI to 64 Bit required a stripped-down 32 Bit installer for the remnant 32 Bit progs such as MLCad, MPDCenter or LSynth. Here it is:


* The installer comes without the parts library but reads your Windows environment variable (set with the 64 Bit AIOI) and checks for the library.
* If no library can be found it asks for the path and preforms another check.
* If still no library can be found it will exit the installer.
* Sets all paths as usual
* No catalogue or showcase at the end

I would grateful if you could test it. I'm most interested in the initial check for the LDraw Parts Library. Just rename "3004.dat" to something else. Please note that some dialogues haven't been translated yet.