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Full Version: Parts Tracker Preview Pictures of Back-Printed Parts
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Some parts have a print only on the underside, which is not shown e.g. in the "Patterned Part Summary" or in the normal Activity overview.

It is difficult to judge which patterns are available.

These parts are:
11203 (Plate 2 x 2 Inverted with Groove)
2654b (Dish 2 x 2 without Rim)
3660b (Slope Brick 45  2 x  2 Inverted)

I cannot recall any others at the moment, for sure there are some more.

A proposal:
- We generate a list of such parts, e.g. the wildcard "11203p*"
- If the preview rendering comes across such a part it will be rotated 180 degrees
- A small icon will be added to indicate that this is the bottom up view.

here's an example: