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Full Version: LDraw guideline: The use of the name "LDraw" in LDraw related programs
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the LDraw Steering Committee (SteerCo) has been questioned what their opinion is about the use of the name "LDraw" in LDraw related programs. The following should be taken as guideline:

LDraw.org uses the LDraw trademark with permission from the Jessiman Estate, therefore we cannot grant permission to third parties to use it. It is also our definition that the LDraw trademark represents the LDraw System of Tools and the LDraw Parts Library, so it is our policy that LDraw should not appear in a program's title and/or URL to protect the uniqueness of the LDraw trademark.

We recommend that programs/websites wishing to identify with LDraw choose titles that add "LD" in front of the name as a way to associate the program as part of the LDraw software family.

Willy Tschager
On the behalf of the LDraw Steering Committee
Thanks for the information. I updated my question thread. I'll use LDWeb instead of WebGLDraw.