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(2021-04-20, 8:57)Willy Tschager Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Aaron,

as long as the licence terms are respected and kept untouched and proper attribution is given, the SteerCo has no objections to the above.

However, we would love to learn more about you and we wonder if you're going to post the results of your research?

Willy Tschager
on behalf of the LDraw Steering Committee

That's great, thanks so much!  We will start getting a list of files together and figure out next steps.

We have not made our results or code or any data public yet, but are planning to soon.  The first version of our paper, is currently in submission to a conference (this version uses files from the OMR), and we will be releasing a preprint version along with our code in the next few weeks once we finish cleaning a few things up.  I suspect that the first code release will only contain files from the OMR, but that we will follow up with more batches of data as we get access to them.  In general we hope that this will not simply be a one-time project, but a dataset/environment that will be useful for us and other researchers to explore various building and vision problems.

I will post back here when things go online though.  In general we like to get as many eyes on our research as possible!
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