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Full Version: 37341 Weapon Pack
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Is anyone able to make the weapons from the 37341 Weapon Pack?
I was sure I'd seen these before, and thought I already had them, but can't for the life of me find them.

37341a Weapon Sword Curved Blade with Bar
37341b Weapon Dagger / Knife with Flat Hilt End and Curved Blade, Cross Hatched Grip
37341c Weapon Sword Blade with Bar, Square Crossguard
37341d Weapon Scythe / Hook with Bar
37341e Weapon Scythe / Hook with Double Blades
I must have those somewhere....
I found them Cool 

Started them:
Cool indeed.

Good luck with them, and thanks Gerald.
All on the Partstracker!
Grabbed them all.

Thanks again Gerald! Big Grin