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Full Version: The Malevolence
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This might be an official model of LEGO according to below links:

I couldn't stop my finger to make this model when I found the instruction. T_T;;
It was made by SR3D Builder and rendered by Mega-Pov 1.2.1.
It has '0 STEP' and you can see assembling steps through LDview.

Error in model : The below parts didn't have correct pattern on it.
- 41751.DAT (or x224.DAT)
- 3068.DAT
- 50955.DAT
- 50956.DAT
- 30382.DAT



[Image: a0111809_4ee6d6af9270f.jpg]

[Image: a0111809_4ee6d6af048af.jpg]

[Image: a0111809_4ee6d6b1e9115.jpg]