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Full Version: 1:87 model vehicles?
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This is mainly idle curiosity, since I think I can guess at the answer and the reasons behind it, but…

…has any serious thought ever been given to authoring the 1:87 model vehicles that were integral to the Town Plan system in the 50s and 60s? Or alternatively, was a conscious decision made not to do so?

Obviously these would be tricky since many of us probably don't have real-world examples on hand to work from, and they'd all be highly customized parts, not well represented by existing primitives. Also, as with many early parts, it's hard to pin down one "authentic" version of each of these, since color combinations and other details tended to vary considerably. Finally, with no connection points, they don't really function as system parts, and have no real utility within a model other than for their own sake.

On the other hand, in their day they were considered very much "in-system", as the scale of the whole Town Plan/System i leg era was built around them. And if there were ever a goal of having accurate LDraw representations of all official sets, these would be necessary to have for a fair number of those models.

Anyway, it's certainly not something I'm proposing to tackle or anything—just wondering aloud, as I say. :-)