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Full Version: Help rotating a part file ccontaining subparts
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I need help with a rotating situation. I have the file  6237277a.dat which contains a reference to 7 subparts(6237277as01-08) and it looks like (inputdata.png). Each one of them are oriented to the top position with -0.25 as "y" position.
What I'm trying to do is to fold that file using 15068 top part(15068 top - copia.dat) as reference in LETGUI  (with Slicerpro  tool).  The problem I have is  that the only way that worked for me, was to "expand subfiles in pattern").  The result looks good (6237277aout.dat) but it turns out that the subparts are inlined in that file.
How can I  regroup the formed result into the same subfiles from the flat version ?

Thanks in advanced for any help you could provide.


Alex Herrera (alanbrito98)