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Full Version: Friends Hedgehog 98389
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Thanks for creating previous requested part 93088 (Puppy).

I'd like to request part 98389 (Hedgehog, Friends) for Friends OMR project

Creating plain base part is sufficient, as I'll try to have training for curved surface patterns, as well as 93088.

Looking into Philo's 93088, I can see what we need for cleaning up LDD exported data:
- Adding conditional lines
- Using primitives especially for connections with other parts (studs, accessory holes, handles for minifigs etc.)

I'll start making my first 3-D part from easier one soon (such as 94717), but animals are a little above me now.

The hedgehog is also as a req mesh in digital-bricks:


I did a touch up and it is on the PT now

Thanks very much for quick work!!
Finally I've made 98389pb01 on PT.

Thanks again to Gerald and all.