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Full Version: 60642c03pr0001, 60639c03pr0001 (Trolls' Mountain Fortress)
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Hi everyone!

I see 60642c03pr0001 and 60639c03pr0001 do not exist yet on LDraw. Is someone interested in creating these parts?


[Image: W1yTk92.jpg]

[Image: x1tS56P.jpg]

[Image: RgW1Tl1.jpg]

[Image: 5lkQxO4.jpg]


[Image: 7vv347H.jpg]

[Image: jp4xVFu.jpg]

[Image: jryxYHy.jpg]

[Image: TTGgRIb.jpg]

If there are any questions, ask me.
I have updated the broken links. If somebody is interested in creating these parts, that would be awesome Big Grin .