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Full Version: Complete assemblies
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(2020-05-03, 13:24)Orion Pobursky Wrote: [ -> ]Now that most of the major players have chime in here's a summary:

1) Consensus is that we should not have complete assemblies (except generic assemblies)

And the already existing should be renamed to:

Minifig Assembly ...

Minifig Assembly Torso with Bird Wing Arms
Minifig Assembly Hips and Legs Faun
Minifig Assembly Martian (Complete)
Minifig Assembly Baby with ...

(2020-05-03, 13:24)Orion Pobursky Wrote: [ -> ]2) For all future patterned parts a set number should be listed in the KEYWORDs. Bricklink/Brickset/Rebrickable number can be listed at the authors option.

Personal note: Point 2 seems to suggest a further need for an ALIAS meta (first suggested by Chris?)

I guess most of them already have a set number in the keywords.

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