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Full Version: LDCad 1.6d (win+linux)
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(2020-04-10, 10:54)Owen Dive Wrote: [ -> ]Very minor thing, but I'm going through and tweaking my partBins, and I see that sorted/technicBeams.pbg both keeps and excludes 32551.dat explicitly.
I don't know what's the exact reason, I will review the content of that bin.

(2020-04-10, 10:54)Owen Dive Wrote: [ -> ]Relatedly, why does LDCad re-write its .pbg files on close? I had been editing the files with LDCad open (the easier to see what parts I wanted to exclude from a particular group), and being confused when I found the changes had no effect - because the file was overwritten when I closed LDCad.

The <items> section is used as a cache.

But on modern hardware it's hardly any advantage over just populating the bin in realtime on each start up. Even more so because checking all the timestamps for changes etc takes about the same time Smile
(2020-04-10, 18:30)Roland Melkert Wrote: [ -> ]The <items> section is used as a cache.

Oh of course it is. I should have been able to reason that out. I guess I was too busy being frustrated at having to modify the files without the program open. :-)
(2020-04-05, 21:50)Roland Melkert Wrote: [ -> ]I've released the 1.6d version of LDCad.


I've added md5 information to the download page as someone was concerned about their virus scanner quarantining the setup version.

It's easy to check on Linux

echo 1c20f8581273e94631d40f3fef006990 LDCad-1-6d-Linux.tar.bz2 | md5sum -c

Don't know an easy check for windows though, anyone has suggestions?
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