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Full Version: Tyre 56890 and 28290
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Do you have both of these tyres?

I prepared the data we had from LDD and made 56890. This part is official.
Teemu made the tyre 28290. It is Hold-voted at the Part Tracker.

However, at Bricklink and Brickset 28290 is an alias, or new version of 56890.
But the LDD data and Teemu's design are different.
56890 is divided into 15 sections and a bit wider than the rim it fits, 6014.
28290 is divided into 16 sections and have the same width as the rim, 6014.

I think the LDD data was wrong and that we should replace it with the design from Teemu.
I have only the 28290 in real life.
28290 have definitiv 16 sections.
And found the 58690. Cool
Also 16 sections.
(2020-03-05, 21:39)Johann Eisner Wrote: [ -> ]And found the 58690. Cool
Also 16 sections.

And the width? Are they both the same as the rim?
Hi Magnus
Same Width, same diameter, same tread (Maximum difference 0.1 mm or even less, measured with a caliper (due to production?))