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Full Version: LDraw tools as part of a hybrid Lego stop motion animation
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Hi there - apologies if this is an inappropriate place to post this.  I’ve gotten a lot out of the LDraw tools, and appreciate all the work you all have put in to them.

I recently published a video where I highlight how I used LeoCAD, the parts library, and POVRay to help me create a Lego stop motion movie.  Consider checking it out:

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

I think you can use Blender to make a video like this.
(2020-02-10, 3:19)Cuong Nguyen Viet Wrote: [ -> ]I think you can use Blender to make a video like this.
I think you are right, but I haven't figured it out yet.
Wow, that is a really cool idea!

I wonder if you could model the properties and position of your iPhone camera more closely in order to make the POV-Ray stuff more seamless. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone has written a tool/library for POV-Ray to accomplish this.