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Full Version: Castles of 1980s and 1990s
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Hi there,

as my next contribution I'd like to share several official sets of the Kings Castle 6080 with some extensions: 6022 Horse Cart, 6041 Armor Shop, 6049 Viking Voyager, 6061 Siege Tower, 6067 Guarded Inn, and of course the 6102 Mini Figures Set. Smile I hope the files are all correctly OMRized, thanks again to Philippe and Johann. For simplicity reasons I will upload them in separated posts in this thread.

Any comment or suggestion is highly welcome, best regards

[Edit: previous title was: "Kings Castle of mid-1980s"]
This is 6022 Horse Cart.
This is 6041 Armor Shop.
This is 6049 Viking Voyager.
This is 6061 Siege Tower.
This is 6067 Guarded Inn.
This is 6080 Kings Castle.
This is 6102 Mini Figures Set.
Hi Stefan,

those sets remind me of a lot of things! As for the presentation I suggest to arrange the minifig as they there shown back then on the box cover to create a bit of drama. Check what I did for the western series:


Hi Willy,

thanks for the suggestion and the hint to your set. Smile  I'm quite new here and will try my very best. Smile

Regards - Stefan
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