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Full Version: Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes
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To say the least - I have something left for the era of steam engines.

Especially these time, where the Art Deco has been founded - although my love belongs to the "Art Nouveau",

... also termed in German as "Jugendstil".

Simple marvellous!

So I built this steam locomotive - so as this "Lady" should look like,  trying to reach a maximum from the real original shape....

..as a relict of those nostalgic "Golden Times".

LDraw delivers some benefits, such as "no Dustcatchers" or "room murdering Vitrines", no Limitations of Brick parts amount or unavailable colors.

Also custom parts, patterns or stickers can be designed without any problem.

Always lovely to begin a new project

So, here it is:

Built in th Year of the Lord 1923 and

highlighted with technical performance-enhancing conversions and with representative paint, this machine was first exhibitioned 1925 in Paris, at

"Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes"


Name: Gt 2×4/4


Later Termed  : BR 96

Indicated Power: 1630 PSi


1 x Buwizz

2 x original medium motors

2 custom Parts: Wind deflector on the cab, drive rod

1 modified part: 3,2 mm pierced 49098.dat (Chimney collar)

a big bunch of patterned parts

BBB Train Wheels

Beautiful beast!!!
(2019-10-01, 17:03)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: [ -> ]Beautiful beast!!!

Yepp!...Merci beaucoup!... Phillipe!

I guess ...if the Lego Company would create a "Arts of the Century" Model Series...with Models like this...the AFOL's would appreciate this and Lego could celebrate with good Revenues.

post scriptum:

I used your Buwizz part inside....smile.