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Full Version: Generation of Architecture tiles
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As asked for by Orion... here is a quick description of how I generate Architecture name tiles.

- Place in a folder txt2dat.exe tool (I use version 0.2.3)
- place the true type (.ttf) font to use in the same folder (it's simpler than to use the file in Windows font folder). I generally use the ubiquitous Arial font. While the match is not perfect it's OK in most cases.
- Open a command prompt in that folder (there is also a little gui shell, GUItx2d, http://jc-tchang.philohome.com/manuel/tx...tm#guitx2d but for some reason it doesn't work on my machine)
- Key in the command line:

txt2dat -s "Empire State Building" -o empire.dat -l -p 50 -h 80 -c 15 -b 0 Arial.ttf

-s "Empire State Building" is the string to generate
-l means don't draw edge lines
-p 50 gives character size. Smaller size may not be detailed enough
-h 80 gives the height of bounding box. Sometimes automatic size result in pattern folding on itself
-c 15 to get white characters
-b 0 on black background
...and the last parameter is the font to use.

Now open the generated file in LDPart editor
- Remove the quads in file (4 sides of the bounding box). The rest of the file should contain only triangles.
- Add the 4162s01 tile 1x8 subpart
- Select text and background and translate by 0.25ldu in y direction (txt2dat creates a sticker so the text is at y=-0.25 ldu, we want it at y=0)
- Scale text appropriately (about 0.27 in x and z directions)
- select background corner vertices (one at a time) and merge them (one at a time) to tile subpart corner vertices (ctrl+e).
- Verify that this operation didn't result in mesh folding on itself (red triangles in BFC mode)
- Save
- Process in datheader to reduce excessive number of digits and to merge triangle to quads.

For txt2dat details see also http://jc-tchang.philohome.com/manuel/txt2dat.htm (in French)

Tell me if you need more details...
So I'm getting an off center text string:

Which then affects the scaling position, etc.
(2019-08-06, 0:41)Orion Pobursky Wrote: [ -> ]So I'm getting an off center text string:

Which then affects the scaling position, etc.

I solved my own problem. Thanks for the tutorial.