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Full Version: Boost Hub Part
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(2019-05-14, 17:17)wol bar Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks that helped to get my unofficial parts in the path. I was unaware I had to click on the archive button after clicking on browse folder. I assumed browse meant that it would find the archive either the zipped archive or the unofficial parts path. 

My screen capture shows a difference though. I am trying to understand what the 'donor' 'shadow' directories mean. But obviously my 'donor' directory is not linked with my 'unofficial' parts directory as they are in your capture.

The browse folder is to select an unzipped library, while the browse archive is used to select a zip file itself.

Shadow is the place where part snapping information for the specified library should be loaded from, it too can be a folder of zip as those have the same make up (collection .dat files).
You are usually ok with with copying the shadow for the unofficial library from the offical one, that way any inherited snapping information (like studs) will work with the new parts too.

The donor is the location where flexible subparts should be found, the default is set automatically during first start.
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