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Full Version: LDraw with Blender 2.8
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Hi folks,

I was just wondering if anyone has had luck installing LDraw in BlenderĀ 2.8. I've tried a few times using the latest versions, but it simply says I need to upgrade to Blender 2.8.x

I'm not sure if it's because it's still under development, or if I'm doing something wrong - but I'm still using the same installation process.

Hoping to render some sweet Lego animations with Eevee.

Thanks! Smile
Fairly certain that that just means that the creator of the add-on needs to update it to work with blender 2.8 (so check if no newer version exists maybe?). If you're familiar with add-ons you might be able to do it yourself, yet I lack the expertise for that. What you could use as a workaround is to import the files in an older version of blender when the add-on was still supported, export/save as a different file format and then open that new file in blender 2.8.