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Full Version: Windscreen, Motorcycle Windshield
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Would be nice if somebody could do this part:


There is also a pattern version :http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=bb57pb01

Thanks to anybody who does this part
I don't have the part, but I got the parts numbers if someone wants to give a shot:
The full cycle, red with grey hubs, is 73311
Blue with red hubs 73327
Yellow with red hubs 73419
Red with red hubs 73429
4480 frame right
4481 frame left
4482 front fork
4483 windscreen
I found these at Thomas Burgers Brickshelf pages years ago, as "x473px1.dat" and x473.dat.

They are now at the Part Tracker as 4483 and 4483p01
73311, 73327, 73419 and 73429 are allready at the Part Tracker, see here.
The motorcycle needs a complete rewrite. It is hold voted here and here

I've started a rewrite of these files.