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Full Version: Train motor entrails
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Here's some pics from inside 87574 train motor. It is sealed by 6× Torx T6 screws and requires the appropriate screwdriver to open.

[Image: 20180806_210146.jpg]
First view inside. We can see that there's a two-headed DC motor, with power first transferred through a crown gear and then further stepped down.

[Image: 20180806_210156.jpg]
Insides of the bottom part. The text reads "54756 04-J03".

[Image: 20180806_210215.jpg]
Close-up on one of the gearboxes.

[Image: 20180806_210225.jpg]
Close-up on the other one.

[Image: 20180806_210306.jpg]
Orange axles removed. The top part reads 89832 02-J03

[Image: 20180806_212257.jpg]
Close-up on orange axles.
The bottom part is not completely symmetrical. So if it does not fit snugly in when reassembling, don't force it, instead rotate it by 180° and try again.