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Full Version: Nexo Knight Parts > Detailing > e.g. 27257, 27259
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Philo's question on naming a strange shaped part reminded me on one open question.

These nexo Knight parts have an area that is notable rough. With a relief that is much more visible than e.g. Slopes (may be a bad comparison)
However within the LDD files, those details. are not there.

I did one part with those details, 27257 that I have attached here. What do you think, should this be modeled or not?

My approach was to have one of the bumps as a submodel (hexagonal pyramid with condlines), the coloured areas are inlined as they intersect.

I don't think it should be modeled. This should be done with bump mapping or similar thatĀ could (should) be implemented in Lgeo part. And hopefully the LDraw language could be extended to allow bump mapping on some surfaces - this would be great for grainy face of slopeĀ bricks too!!!