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Full Version: Voltage in electric part descriptions
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Hello all,

Philo and I have been discussing filtering of the electronic parts into their systems/voltages so builders can easily find certain parts when working with e.g. the old 9v RCX stuff.

Problem is many parts don't even mention which voltage they use.

So my suggestion is to modify the description of electric parts missing this.

E.g. taking parts like "u9005c01.dat" which currently uses:
"Electric Switch: Remote Control for Train Crossing"
and change it to:
Electric Switch 12v: Remote Control for Train Crossing

making it clear it s part of the old 12v trainsystem.

Using the voltage as a system name is only needed when there is no 'real' name so the e.g. power function stuff can stay as it is (new 9v system).

Alternative would be to mention the voltage as a keyword but I don't think any part uses that at the moment so it would cause more changes if we want it uniform.

Also no review process would be needed for just a description change as far I understand the current procedures.

I like this idea. I have 2 thoughts to share:

- please don't use the lowercase "v", but the standard Volts abbreviation uppercase "V"

- many parts already have this in their name: 12V, 4.5V, 9V:
How about part that are used in more than one voltage?
I decided to add this info as Keywords in the recently reworked RCX sensors.