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Full Version: Ldcad script animation export, povray parse error [ SOLVED ]
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Hi everybody !

I need help plz,

I exported animation from Ldcad to povray(simple camera rotation).

I cant launch my render because i have a parse error in povray. The error is highlited in yellow :
"ldrawBuildTex(ldrawPigment(getColorIndex(ldCode), -1, -1), ldrawPearlNor, ldraPearlFin, pngIdx)"
At the bottom of the povray window:
Parse error: Cannot pass ininntialized identifier as macro parameter. Initialize identifier first.

Some file exported in the same way work without this error other not, i do not see how to solve this problem.

your help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit : problem solved it was a syntax error on the generated code : " ldrawPearlFin "