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Full Version: OMR and MPD Center - unresolved references
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Before uploading files to the OMR site I let mpd center check for OMR compliance and apply corrections as needed.
From time to time there is an annoying message "False - unresolved reference free", which means that the file contains unresolved references. But that's all, there is no further information given by mpd center about these unresolved references. So I struggle kind of bit, respectively fail sometimes to localize and correct these unresolved references.

Question: Is there a way to exactly find / display / determine unresolved references?

As an example you may have a look to Philos Frankie:

[Image: 1280x628.jpg]
I believe the 'problematic' part is 8\2-4cylo.dat
Because, when I import all unofficial parts using LDCad it adds that part and the file is unresolved reference free. But, I'm not entirely sure if that's the only missing part that LDCad added...
Thanks, Merlijn. Up to now I was not aware of LDcad supporting OMR. Kind of embarrassing ...

I just learned that via SESSION/MISSING FILES it is possible to display missing files, i.e. unresolved references! Nice feature, extremely helpful.

But I was not able to import 2-4cylo.dat via FILE/CLEAN UP/ embed Unofficial parts. Did not work, even though 2-4cylo.dat was available in 3 different folders.

However, after adding 2-4cylo.dat to folder LDraw/p/8, LDcad directly told me "missing files - none" and MPD center showed no more unresolved references".
You get the information not in a list, but if you use the menu command "Import"- "unofficial files" all the missings files will be shown and you can direct MPDCenter to the location on your disk to import this file into the mpd file.

I am sorry for beeing that late with my answer.