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Full Version: My first (non-patterned) parts!
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(2017-08-29, 1:18)Mikkel Bech Jensen Wrote: [ -> ]Also I completely missed some duplicated quads. Mostly because LDPE didn't warn me about them.

I will implement a detector for overlapping planar surfaces in the future.
You can also use the random colour render mode to spot flickering areas.
These are normally a good visual indicator for overlapping or duplicated surfaces.

You did a nice job on your first 'real' parts!
I think these parts are pretty much done now. Is anybody up for confirming if they really are?

I have optimized the geometry so there should not be any unnecessary vertices
I have remade both so there is no any internal surfaces
I have closed some gaps and fixed some T-junction issues

Unificator could not merge some of the vertices to the primitive's vertices. The only fix I could come up with was to delete the primitives and replace them with quads, so now there are even fewer primitives in parts. I guess there would have been too many decimals for the vertices coordinates for unificator to allow merging with primitives.
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