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Full Version: Underside stud group scaling
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As Tore just pointed out, if stud groups are ever created for underside studs, then they should probably be allowed to be scaled in the Y axis so that the same stud groups can be used for both plates and bricks. I suggest that we add the text that just passed (4 YES votes as of now), then come up with a modification of the wording to allow for scaling in the Y axis for stud groups used on the underside of bricks/plates/tiles.
Like is currently written in the Primitives Reference for studs?

Quote:These primitives must not be scaled in the {x} or {z} dimensions. Ideally they should not be scaled in the {y} dimension either, to allow the accurate substitution of chamfered studs by high-quality renderers [but this rule is flouted in the regular brick files, where stud4 is scaled by 5 to generate the underside tube].