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Full Version: LDD can't convert .lxf to .ldr
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(2017-03-28, 21:05)Sylvain Sauvage Wrote: [ -> ]
(2017-03-28, 20:31)Rolf Osterthun Wrote: [ -> ]E.g. in the latest version of the file from eurobricks there is an error in line 3345:

 <!-- Magnet Holder  2 x  3  2607.dat -->
 <!-- MAGNET HOLDER  2607 -->
 <Transformation ldraw="2607.dat" tx="0" ty="-.96" tz="°" ax="0" ay="1" az="0" angle="3.141593" />

Typo has been corrected in 2017-03-28. Appologies.

It is really a very good file you created there.
Thank you.

(2017-03-28, 6:04)Luis Wrote: [ -> ]
(2017-03-28, 5:11)Richard Speyer Wrote: [ -> ]buf3d will import .lxf and export .ldr

Is this trustworthy (i.e. have you used this yourself?) I looked at the link, the site looks kinda weird... 
Just being cautious

- Luis

Hello Luis

    I am the developer of Buf3D +. Sure I am the least indicated to give confidence about the conversion of Buf3D but I can assure that it is completely safe.
   A free version has long been available, with a limited conversion in number of parts, but it seems that putting the "lego" key in the title was not a good idea and google canceled the free version.

   This is the download address of the free version (with conversion limit), in case you are interested in trying it:


- Antony
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