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Full Version: LDraw.org Forums, Wiki, and OMR switching to https only
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I will be slowly switching the LDraw.org Forums, Wiki, and OMR over to https over the next few weeks.  The main site won't switch since it resides on the different server so I have to do some more research. Unfortunately, due to the certificate we're using, if you're still using Win XP or an old browser it may throw an error or just won't work for you.

On a unrelated side note, single sign on for all of our site will be happening in the coming months.
The OMR... Darn it, last month I started a partly rewritten version, but then things got in the way again. I really have to finish that one time.
Ah well, hopefully soon, I've just scheduled some moments in my agenda to work on that thing. Maybe there'll be some integration with Rebrickable (as in, they link to the LDraw files, we use their set data to search for sets which would make it a 1000x easier to add sets).