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Full Version: ldrawVR (ldraw virtual reality editor)
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Hi everyone,

I have created a virtual reality editor for ldraw.


ldrawVR currently supports Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch (although it could be easily upgraded to support Vive, considering that it is built using the Unreal Engine VR Template).

The C++ source is currently licensed under AGPLv3, which means that compiled/built versions of the project can't be distributed (due to Unreal Engine licensing restrictions), but you are welcome to test it out.

Custom parts are currently experimental (which use UE procedurally generated mesh objects), but it contains a full snapshot of the ldraw.org parts library (stored as UE static meshes). dat->fbx->uasset conversion of the parts library was achieved using the Blender Ldraw Importer add-on (along with some other tools to hack the fbx binaries).

I added some videos last year when I first tested it out (after around 4-5 weeks of development), a few days after the touch system arrived;


Wow, really impressive!!! Too bad I don't have the 3D hardware...
That is impressive! Would really be interesting to try!
unfortunately I also don't own an oculus rift or similar gadgets...
Really cool!

I was so close to buying a Vive when it was released, but I decided to wait for VR to mature a bit (and lower in price). Nevertheless, really nice work.
Would also be cool if something like this would exist for the Hololens. I wonder what the future of VR/AR will bring in terms of Lego.
wow, really impressive, love it
Thanks guys