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Full Version: Call for votes: Stud Groups
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Please vote on the proposal below. Please modify the Subject to include your name and vote, in addition to giving your vote in the text.

Update the LDraw.org File Format Restrictions for the Official Library and Primitives Reference documents in the following way:

Quote:Stud groups

Stud groups are provided to reduce the size of part files with many regularly spaced studs. The naming convention is as following:



N = type of stud (regular stud, hollow stud, underside stud, …)
X = number of studs on the x axis
Z = number of studs on the z axis

To prevent an overload of the library with all sort of combinations, the numbers on the x and z axis are limited to:

1xZ stugs
Xx1 stugs (Due to stud orientation you cannot rotate a 1xZ stud group by 90 degrees to get a Xx1 stud group)
XxZ stugs where X==Z

These primitives must not be scaled.
I vote YES.
I vote YES.
I vote YES