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Full Version: flat legobrick rendition of a JPEG image
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Dear Users,

We are looking to build a huge real life flat "2d" lego mosaic of a jpeg image and I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of any software that would facilitate this task.

The nearest I've come so far is a website called brickit however because it's going to be so big we want the job split up into standard lego sized backplates each with its own brickmap, the reason for this is a) multiple people can work on building it and b) once complete the assembled backplates can be packaged up and transported. Once it's been assembled and delivered the backplates can then be easily matched up like a giant puzzle.

All of the bricks will be standard squares. Obviously the brickmap would need to contain colors or codes that correspond to brick parts, the image conversion algorithm would need to have customisable color quantization options so that we can get it just right.

I hope somebody can help or point me in the right direction. It's for a good cause and I would be happy to make a financial contribution to anybody that can help me out with a solution as well as a small donation to ldraw.org as well.

If nothing exists could someone point me in the direction of a programmer who could assist with this task?
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Hi there,

Many thanks for your reply, unfortunately we have already tried picktobrick and it won't run on our PC's. Do you know of anything else?
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