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Full Version: Convert LGEO parts to other 3D formats
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I've been experimenting with options for converting native POV-Ray CSG objects to OBJ format, and now have a potential workflow to achieve this as detailed below:

Convert CSG to an Isosurface using William Pokorny's ObjectAsIso macro
Convert Isosurface to mesh using Jaap Franks macro
Convert mesh file to mesh2 format using meshcomp v3.0 (WinMeshcomp30_beta3.zip)
Convert mesh2 to OBJ using mesh22obj.py (a Python script written by ingo)

For more details on this approach see this post:

I'm wondering if this approach would be useful for converting LGEO based parts to other 3D formats (or even reverse engineer parts that don't exist in LDraw). Are there any parts that only exist in LGEO?