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Full Version: LDraw.org allows third party part in the LDraw Parts Library
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Hi folks,

the LDraw Steering Committee agreed to allow digital parts of third parties in the LDraw Parts Library, which have a counterpart in the real world and are accepted by the LEGO fan community. Such parts are branded as:

* Third party - <part name>

and have to go through the LDraw Parts Tracker for certification. Potential candidates for such parts are for example:


Willy Tschager
on behalf of the LDraw Steering Committee

I was asked if third party means also MB or any on the Communist LEGO list? Just let me clear that we do not open to clones but to bricks manufactured by third parties, who's bricks you might see on AFOL conventions and the builder using those didn't get banned immediately :-)

Furthermore we do not except custom bricks which either exist only in the digital world or do not have a widespread use such as bricks from a 3D printer used by you and your LUG.

Willy Tschager
on behalf of the LDraw Steering Committee
This wasn't supposed to be a 1st of April fool?
(2016-10-14, 7:11)Damien Roux Wrote: [ -> ]This wasn't supposed to be a 1st of April fool?

Nope, it wasn't supposed as April fool. It's real. Big Grin

I though you were talking about that.
I don't know what to think of this. I mean, what's the use of this? I can't think of any 'widely' used unofficial part besides the sBrick.
And the L in LDraw stands for Lego right?

What's the use of making third party parts 'official'?
Quote:I don't know what to think of this. I mean, what's the use of this? I can't think of any 'widely' used unofficial part besides the sBrick.
To name a few:
- Hitechnic and Mindsensors Mindstorms sensors and actuators
- Firgelli motorized linear actuator (Mindstorms)
- Rotacaster omniwheel
- Brickarms/Brickforge/Brickwarriors minifig accessories (and probably many other!!!)
- Big Ben train stuff

Quote:And the L in LDraw stands for Lego right?
Exactly. "for LEGO"

Quote:What's the use of making third party parts 'official'?
To get something reliable for this kind of stuff, to have one centralized placed for LDraw parts.
Dear Willy,

Thank you!
We're really happy that SBrick Plus and SBrick can become available on LDraw.
Luckily from the outside both bricks are identical, so the SBrick Plus and SBrick can only be differentiated by colour. By default, SBrick will be grey with a yellow LED. SBrick Plus will be white with a blue LED. If it's simpler for us to provide only 1 3D, let me know.

The timiing on this couldn't be better as we have just entered the 2nd week of our Kickstarter campaign for SBrick Plus. 
This annoucement will lead our weekly Backer update on Friday, where we will also invite whomever wishes to create models for SBrick Plus and SBrick to contact us at info@sbrick.com. All of these models will be created using LDraw.

Thank you again for letting us be part of the LDraw family. 

this is not the first time I think about the possibility to share also non official LEGO parts via LDraw files. From my point of view there are a lot of advantages. The biggest is that you can share your models in digital form.

But in my opinion there should be a clear border; there should be only one official LEGO library.

I think that the situation can be resolved by defining a new meta command that tells the software what library was used to create a model. It is still possible to build models with only the LEGO library but it is also possible to link to third party libraries. The meta command could contain the name of the library, its version and the location where you can download it.

For example:

0 !LIBRARY Official 1502 http://www.ldraw.org/library/updates/complete1502.zip
0 !LIBRARY Unofficial 20161019133106 http://www.ldraw.org/library/unofficial/ldrawunf.zip
0 !LIBRARY SBrick 1.0 http://www.ldraw.org/library/thirdparty/sbrick_v1.0.zip
0 !LIBRARY LDD 2488 http://www.digital-bricks.de/download/primitives2488.zip

When there are parts that are not produced by LEGO but should be supported officially by LDraw it would be possible to provide an additional download location on the official LDraw web page. The parts can go through the parts tracker but will end up in a separate lib.

This is not conclusively thought through (the web pages needs to be available all the time, the download locations are not allowed to change, file naming conventions, …)! Just an idea.

Currently working on Buwizz brick... Any suggestions for part header and for file naming?
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