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Full Version: LPub3D - Insert Model usage
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Could you explain how the INSERT MODEL command works?  I'm not getting the results I expect when using it twice within a set of instructions that use part fading.  My model has two different attachments, and I'd to include a non-faded image of the entire model with the first attachment and with the second attachment.
It works the way I expect with the first attachment, but when I do the INSERT MODEL with the second attachment (after a BUFFER RETRIEVE), I get the model with the first attachment, not the second.  I've attached the page images to demonstrate the problem.

Here is the model with the first attachment, displaying correctly:


And here is the model with the second attachment, not displaying correctly:


The source .mpd file is attached.  It's the same .mpd as in my previous thread.

Thank you.

(2016-09-23, 8:10)Kevin Wrote: [ -> ]Could you explain how the INSERT MODEL command works?  


The purpose of of the INSERT MODEL is to display a full colour rendering of the final model when fade steps are turned on. It is mainly useful when a model file does not respect the design pattern where the 'main.ldr' in the model file does not contain any loose parts. All parts are defined in an .ldr tree structure.

LPub3D automatically inserts the meta and the logic to parse it is also restricted to displaying a final unfaded model.

Thanks for the explanation.  I'll try to find another way to accomplish this.