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Full Version: LPub3D Parts
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Part Authors - To support future capabilities in LPub3D, I kindly request the following parts:

1. Type: Icon, Category: Helper, Description: Wright Icon, Wrong Icon, Size: As defined in official instructions

2. Type: Icon, Category: Sticker, Description: Plain white on black background sticker icon to indicate the application of a sticker - without number identification. Note: the example shown indicates the number 1. For LPub3D, no identification is requested.

Oh, you're busy! That would be excellent NTH's.
How about arrows to push or pull axles and pins and so.
I know how to add them as arrows in the LDraw model, but those render not very nice.
(2016-08-11, 8:23)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: [ -> ]How about arrows to push or pull axles and pins and so.

Jaco, Sure !

You're the author. Have at it if you can  Wink

Here are the ones I made for myself, I thought I posted this along with the code I used to show it, but I cannot find it unfortunately.
Excellent - Thanks Gerald.