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Full Version: LPub3D Adding Multiple Twice-Used Callouts?
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Hello, I'm very new to LPub3D (and LDraw as a whole for that matter), and I've encountered a problem that I haven't been able to figure out in LPub3D.

I have 2 different submodels that I want to be called out in a step, each submodel having 2 instances. When I convert one of them into a callout, it works as per normal, and the callout has a little "x2" at the bottom right-hand corner. When I try to call out the second submodel (which is a mirror image of the first), the callout pops up without the "x2", and the instructions for the submodel are still there in the previous pages, but the "x2" is gone there. I can then turn the previous remaining pages into a callout, but then I end up having 2 identical callouts on a page, where I should just have a single one with a "x2" at the bottom.

It seems that for one submodel, the instances are getting treated as instances of one unit, but in the other submodel, they get treated as individual submodels once converted to callouts.

Has anyone else experienced this? How can I fix it? Am I even making sense?
Thanks in advance! Smile
Well this is quite odd. I started from scratch and just made a new .mpd file, and loaded that into LPub. So now it works the way it should. I've heard LPub was buggy, so I guess this was the fix.