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Full Version: Attempting to make instructions for existing model
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I am probably not the first one with this problem, so I am looking for help.

First of all - what I tried. I'm doing a MOC (Mechanical equipment)and started drawing at the same time I was building. Didn't work out too well, since I needed to make changes in previously drawn (LDCad) work. Setting up steps was difficult, since parts were added and subtracted, as I again had to make changes.

How do any of the builders handle this problem?

The obvious answer is to complete and test the model and then rebuild it while drawing. Is there any other way?

Is there a way to change the sequence of the steps. I was thinking you could take the model apart specifying the parts in each step, and then reverse their sequence. Would take a lot of time, but would be accurate.

Any help would be appreciated.
The best way (in LDCad) to do this is by using the source window. It allows for easy reordering of the part order and lets you move around the step separation lines.