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Full Version: 12V Train Sets (Grey Era)
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Sigh, those were the days...

You have built a train set from that time in LDRAW?
Post it as reply here, if you like :-)
this model reveals geometric errors which we currently seem to have at the 2x2 light bricks:
their plug sockets are currently positioned wrongly seemingly.
that forces the plugs to be placed wrongly as well,
and so they overlap with 512p01.dat

cable modeling in this file is incomplete
in the bottom pseudomotor, the order of the 2x6 and 2x4 plates has been changed,
as this seems to be an error in the instructions.
with the correction, the pseudomotor matches the real motor.
Note that the photo shot of the model also has done it this way, and not like it is shown in the instructions:

[Image: 7750_800x600.jpg]

- electric cables not modeled completely
- hoses modeling intersects bricks
- peeron inventory contains many mistakes

This is a cross-post of
I would be great if you could import all unofficial files in this model.
Currently missing is LS20.dat and LS21.dat (checked with MPDCenter)
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