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Full Version: 12V Train Sets (Grey Era)
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Sigh, those were the days...

You have built a train set from that time in LDRAW?
Post it as reply here, if you like :-)
this model reveals geometric errors which we currently seem to have at the 2x2 light bricks:
their plug sockets are currently positioned wrongly seemingly.
that forces the plugs to be placed wrongly as well,
and so they overlap with 512p01.dat

cable modeling in this file is incomplete
in the bottom pseudomotor, the order of the 2x6 and 2x4 plates has been changed,
as this seems to be an error in the instructions.
with the correction, the pseudomotor matches the real motor.
Note that the photo shot of the model also has done it this way, and not like it is shown in the instructions:

[Image: 7750_800x600.jpg]

- electric cables not modeled completely
- hoses modeling intersects bricks
- peeron inventory contains many mistakes

This is a cross-post of
I would be great if you could import all unofficial files in this model.
Currently missing is LS20.dat and LS21.dat (checked with MPDCenter)
I would be great if you could make all of the above OMR compliant.

thanks for the feedback, I hadn't yet found time to try that tool; will do!
Hello Willy,
I am so very sorry that my posted MPDs are not (yet) OMR-compliant -
please let me explain the reason a little, so you and the readers know what's happening here...:
making my models OMR compliant is one of the tasks which means no fun at all to me;
to me, it feels like the police coming over to an artists office and checking if his brushes are properly cleaned.
Thus, if anyone has the passion to do that, don't hesitate.
I'm asking for a little understanding here, as I really cannot bring myself towards doing this.
Please don't be angry with me.
Best, Steffen

making the header of a part PT compliant isn't fun either and though there seams to nothing that hinders you running your parts ready for submission through Datheader. Wouldn't you agree that we need at least a little bit of standard for all those sets? What would has happened if there wouldn't have been a minimal standard for parts?

Steffen, I fully agree with you. This is the main reason, why I didn't upload many more of my models.
It costs me too much time to find "descriptions" for the submodels. Especially because my English isn't the best.
Just my 2 cents ;-)

I found it tolerable to upload not-yet-OMR-compliant files here,
as this to me currently appears as just a fun models Forum thread.

Once these files are intended to be taken over to some future OMR,
then anybody with the courage to clean them up is of course welcome.
Eurobricks has 774 LDraw models of official sets listed. Meanwhile, there have been few OMR compliant models posted here, with plenty of back-and-forth about the correctness of the ones that have been. The numerical difference between the two venues is more remarkable considering that Eurobricks is very heavily biased toward LDD.

So the answer to "What would has happened if there wouldn't have been a minimal standard for parts" appears to be that there would be a substantially greater level of contribution and a lower level of perfection.

There is no requirement to have models posted here be OMR complient.
I will not ask for a minimal standard any longer.

Eurobricks has 774 LDraw models of official sets listed.
I have on my pages more than 1000 listed Smile
Thats JFYI
Where can I see your page with models?=)
Here is the link to his "OMR": Click me ;-)

Just for completeness -
please don't feel attacked or be angry with me for this;
I just tried to explain my problem of commiting myself to posting OMR-conform here;
I appreciate your efforts towards OMR
Thanks for stepping in here Smile
Ditto that for me.

My objective isn't to attack, but to point out that formatting requirements do have a cost in public participation. The value judgment as to whether such requirements are important enough to accept reduced participation is another discussion (worth having, though).

At conventions and in correspondence, I've spoken to a few people who were active in contributing to LDraw in the past, but gave up due to a perceived swing away from bringing parts to people and toward increasingly onerous process. This thread seemed to be expressing a similar sentiment.

Updated: Added missing sticker (timetable on the platform)


Currently not OMR conform (Unofficial parts not inlined)
Missing items: none
Updated: Added missing sticker ("Gew. Lok. 52t" on the tender)


OMR conform
Missing items: Flexible electric cable
Updated: Added missing sticker ("Gew. Lok.")


OMR conform
Missing items: none