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Full Version: 12V Train Sets (Grey Era)
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Eurobricks has 774 LDraw models of official sets listed.
I have on my pages more than 1000 listed Smile
Thats JFYI
Where can I see your page with models?=)
Here is the link to his "OMR": Click me ;-)

Just for completeness -
please don't feel attacked or be angry with me for this;
I just tried to explain my problem of commiting myself to posting OMR-conform here;
I appreciate your efforts towards OMR
Thanks for stepping in here Smile
Ditto that for me.

My objective isn't to attack, but to point out that formatting requirements do have a cost in public participation. The value judgment as to whether such requirements are important enough to accept reduced participation is another discussion (worth having, though).

At conventions and in correspondence, I've spoken to a few people who were active in contributing to LDraw in the past, but gave up due to a perceived swing away from bringing parts to people and toward increasingly onerous process. This thread seemed to be expressing a similar sentiment.

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