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Full Version: Confusing Installation for Mac OS (Step 1)
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I've searched the Help forum for answers to no avail. There are either old, dead links, or advice written in computer-speak that I don't understand. I have been over the Getting Started page, but when it comes time to download the parts list, they all seem to be Windows files. Step One on the Getting Started page says to follow the instructions carefully, but I can't even find a page that has detailed instructions. Every link that says it's for Mac users -- even tutorials -- takes me to a page that has only links, downloads and tutorials for Windows users. I feel like I'm in a house of mirrors here.

My primary experience is with LDD, and I've never used a CAD-like program. Please talk to me like I'm a dummy. I have friends who use nothing but LDraw, and insist that it's the superior program for serious builders. I keep intending to graduate to it, but I have yet to get very far before giving up. It would help if I could at least get the thing fully installed and running, cuz then my learning curve could begin in earnest. It seems that this software (or at least the set up) is primarily for Windows users, and for people with significant experience in coding and/or IT. Would someone with patience (and a Mac) please walk me through this (possibly "live" via IM)? Thanks!


p.s. I'm running OS X El Capitan, if it matters.
I guess it's not very explicit but for step 1 you want to download the "complete.zip" file.  This is the entire LDraw library.  If you're using Safari it will automatically unzip this for you.  Look for the "ldraw" folder in your Downloads folder.

Once you've downloaded the library, download the "application only" version of Bricksmith (the complete package is out of date). Drag brick smith from your Downloads folder to the Applications folder.

I recommend you make a dedicated Lego folder in your home directory and add a link to it on the sidebar.  Drag the ldraw folder from your Downloads folder to this Lego folder that you created.

Open Launchpad and run Bricksmith.  When prompted for the LDraw Library path, point it to the ldraw folder.

This should get you up and running.  The Bricksmith website has a tutorial on the basic of using Bricksmith to create models.