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Full Version: LPub4 for Mac?
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I'm sure this has been asked before but... Is there a recommended place to get LPub4 for OSX? The "Working with LPub" instructions look promising, but the link for LPub4 sends you to a "You don't have permission" message.

I'm tempted to try the dmg from 2010 on thinkbricks.net, but that says it's for 10.6 and my newest Mac is only 10.5, so I'm looking for other options.  If none exist I'll try it though.  Bricksmith says it's for 10.6 and so far it works ok on 10.5.
Hi Don,
Sorry for my late reply, but I the only Mac version is here:
Browsing to it using a Mac, should present the link to the Mac version and download a dmg file.